Green calls tech ‘crazy’; Steph gets one in support

MINNEAPOLIS — Warriors forward Draymond Green was not happy when he got slapped with a technical foul in the waning seconds of Golden State’s 137-114 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday evening.

Green, who finished the game with 19 points and 11 assists for his first double-double of the season, was given a technical foul with 1:19 left in the fourth quarter after Jordan Poole drove to the hoop and finished with a floating layup. Green, who was on the bench, mimicked Poole’s motion as he hopped up and down, moving slightly onto the court.

This was Green’s seventh technical foul of the season. If a player reaches 16 techs, he will be suspended for one game.

“It’s crazy. I probably got four techs this year that are questionable,” Green said after the game. “They told me I was at the lane line, but I thought I was standing in the corner. So I don’t know. It sucks, though.”

Less than one minute later, Stephen Curry got called for a technical for running on the court and waving his towel after Donte DiVincenzo hit a three — a sign of support for Green.

Green said he “absolutely” appreciated Curry’s attempt to prove a point.

“It’s the NBA, man,” Green said. “Your teammates make a good move, I didn’t affect the play. There was no one near me. So it sucks. And the fact that that’s going to count against my tech count? Common, that’s ridiculous.”

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