Parsons on Philly: ‘Pretty sure they hate me’

4:17 PM ET

FRISCO, Texas — Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons knows how Philadelphia must feel about him.

“I’m pretty sure they hate me,” Parsons said.

Appearing on “The Voncast” with Von Miller recently, Parsons asked, “When you look at the Eagles, is it [Jalen] Hurts or the team?” When Miller responded, “I think it’s a little bit of both, man,” Parsons said, “It’s system and team!”

A few Eagles responded to Parsons on Wednesday.

“I’m going to worry about the Chicago Bears this week, mate, worry about this game. Micah should worry about his game this week, too. I don’t know who the f— they’re playing, pardon my language. Just worry about who you got this week,” left tackle Jordan Mailata said. “That’s how we do it here. I’m not going to worry about any other comments anybody said. That’s just how we focus and run about our business. We’ve got the Chicago Bears, not the Chicago Micah Parsons.”

On Thursday, Parsons was asked whether he wanted to clarify his comments

“I mean, you’ve got to stand on everything you say just as a man, but obviously, they small-clipped it and took one line of what was really talked about,” Parsons said. “But no pun intended or no disrespect to Hurts, I think he’s doing great this year. But you know me, I’m a defensive guy and I said the Eagles’ defense is the team to watch. They just got helluva players over there that’s been making plays all year, so from a defensive aspect, I know how offensive guys get all the credit, so I just want to stick up for the defensive guys because the conversation was most valuable player, is it just quarterback?

“Sometimes, I say, ‘I know a couple of defensive guys who deserve to be in that conversation,’ or even other positions, you know. Even receivers. Look at what Tyreek Hill is doing this year. So it’s nothing towards no quarterbacks or anything like that. It’s about most valuable player and what people bring to their team. That’s what the conversation was about. That’s just where I stand on it.”

Although the Cowboys will play the Eagles on Christmas Eve, Parsons said his focus is on this week’s opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“I’ve got to focus on Trevor Lawrence. How do I get to Trevor Lawrence when he’s coming together. He’s a hell of a player, and what they bringing, that’s where my focus is,” he said. “I was just having a good conversation with Von, a person I look up to, helped him on his podcast, and the next thing I know it’s a s—storm. You see how that goes. We were just talking football. Not once did I ever disrespect Hurts or any other player in any way. I’m just talking football. Like, if football is a hurtful conversation, then what are we playing for? I think the job is more hurtful than the conversation, you know?

“If we can’t have opinions, I mean, you guys get to talk s— all day, why can’t we talk a little chatter? I don’t understand what’s so hurtful when we talk about each other. We’re the players. We play every day. So, I think people should have opinions.”

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